Aluminum Core Composite Panel

Product Introduction Aluminum Core Composite Panel  Application: interior and exterior wall decoration/mechanical shell/furniture decoration  Standard Size:1220X2440mm  

  • Width & Length: 1220mm * 2440mm(Maximum Width1600mm,Maximum Length6000mm)
  • Thickness: 4mm,4.5mm(Minimum Thickness2mm,Max Thickness8mm)
  • The thickness of the aluminum: 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm(Minimum Thickness0.2mm)
  • minimum order quantity: 1000m²

Product Introduction Aluminum Core Composite Panel

Aluminum core composite panel of Goodsense is a modified version of aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel , not only price is cheaper than the unit price of aluminum honeycomb panel, but more solid and lightweight than aluminum honeycomb panel .

It is lighter and the fireproof is higher than aluminum honeycomb panel,made of aluminum, without polyethylene plastic componen t, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and fire resistant is A2 grade fireproof,What’s more, it has the characteristics of aluminum composite panel-cheap price and easy process.

Both solid wood, simulation stone series or brushed series, the appearance are varies and can show perfectly. Therefore, aluminum core composite panel is good substitute for aluminum composite panel or aluminum honeycomb panel.

 Standard Specification of Aluminum

Width&length                                  1220mm * 2440mm(Maximum Width1600mm,Maximum Length6000mm)

                                  4mm,4.5mm(minimum thickness2mm,Max Thickness8mm)

The thickness of the aluminum                                  0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm(minimum thickness0.2mm)
minimum order quantity



Product features

Surface layer can be processed into rich color, PVDF coating can be guranteed for 15 years.

At present, itis the lightest metal decoration material of the same type materialin the market, with only 4.0kg per square meters.

There is high performance as aluminum honeycomb board, more affordable thanaluminum cladding cost.

100% pure aluminum structure, up to A2 grade FR standards, first choice forflame-retardant decorative building materials.

With the features of lightweight materials and special reinforced compositestructure, no matter used in the hanging face or plane decoration, It is safer.

The core layer of the special reinforced structure supports the surface layer,so that the surface layer flatness achieve perfect.

Made of pure metal materials. it can be easily recycled without polution totneenvironment, making the earth more healthy.

Light, thin, strong, fireproof, easy to process.

Slotting, Angle folding and other processingmethods are widely used.


Comparison of  Aluminum Core Panel with other Curtain Wall Materials.

productFlat tensile strengthPlain compressive strengthPlane shear strengthBending strengthPeel strength of drum
4mm Aluminum Core Composite
10mm Aluminum Honeycomb Board >0.85Mpa>0.8Mpa>0.5MpaNo
6mm Aluminum Corrugated Panel >1.5Mpa>0.8MpaNo standard>
4mm Aluminum CompositeM PanelNo standardNo standard29Mpa131MpaNo standard

Fire Test