Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel has good thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance, and the surface layer can be processed into various color.

  • Fire prevention: Aluminum plate is non combustible material
  • Corrosion resistance: The surface of aluminum honeycomb plate is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance. There is no pinhole, crack or blister in the salt spray for 48 hours.
  • Environmental protection: Honeycomb panel is a pure aluminum vertical product, which does not volatilize any harmful gas to human body, has no radioactivity and can be completely recycled. It is a 100% environmental protection product.

Product introduction Introduction of Aluminum Honeycomb Board

Aluminum Honeycomb Board is a kind of high-tech 

environmental protection decoration material, Which

is tightly bonded with aluminum plate and aluminum 

honeycomb core by the advanced international technology

as well as the modern fully automated production equipment.

It is mainly used in the decoration of the exterior wall of the building.


                                                            Products Form

                                    H:Total tjickness of Aluminum Honeycomb board

                                    T₁:  Aluminum thickness(Surface)

                                    T₂:  Aluminum thickness(Bottom)

                                    T:   Aluminum honeycomb core diameter



Aluminum Honeycomb Cor

Features of Aluminum Honeycomb Board

1. Surface layer can be processed into rich color, PVDF coating can be guaranteed for 15 years. At present, it is the lightest metal decoration material of the same type material in the market, with only 4.0kg per square meters.

2,There is high performance aluminum honeycomb board, more affordable than aluminum cladding cost.

3.100% pure aluminum structure, first choice for flame-retardant decorative building materials.with the features of lightweight materials and special reinforced composite structure, no matter used in the hanging face or plane decoration, It is safer.

4. The core layer of the special reinforced structure supports the surface layer, so that the surface layer flatness achieve perfect.

5. Made of pure metal materials, it can be easily recycled without pollution to the environment, making the earth more healthy.

Processing Cutting,Slotting



  • Light weight

  • Rigid

  • High intensity

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Rich colors

  • High evenness 

  • Fireproof

  • Heat insulation

  • Low cost

  • Pro-enviroment,energy saving Excellent processing performance

  • Warm bearable Routine item products can be used in the temperature scope of -60°C- + 120°C.


Technical Performance Index of Aluminum Honeycomb Board

Front al-planking
1. 00mm
Back al-planking
1. 00mm
Mechanics function of complex planking and surface planking
Inertie rectangle l<cm41m)19. 8531. 67
Measurement of cutting W(cm'/m)1924
Hardness of complex planking E. I(KN cm2/m)1390002217000
Aluminum profile surface plankingAA 5754A (ALMg3)
Changeable measurement (N/mm')70000
Pull-protecting strength of surface planking (N/mm2)Rm≥220
0. 2% Power of bending (N/mm')Rp0 2≥130
Extanding rate (EN485-2: 1994)A50≥8
Hot expanding of aluminum materials2.4mm/m 100℃
Surface decoration layerPVDF Spray and bake paint
Luminosity (Original Data)30-40%
Hardness of pencilHB-F
Pith of honeycomb
Weight standing of aluminum materials1/ 4" (6. 3mm)
Weight standing of aluminum materialsIt is about 80 kg/m3
Strength of pressure-resistant(MIL-S TD-401)4 N/mm 2
Function of acoustics
Data of sound sucking0. 05
Indicator of sound separating2325
Function of heating  Data of heating passing U(k) (w/m k)
Data of heating guiding 入(w/m k)2.252.7
Data of heating preventing R(l/m)(m k/w)0. 00890. 0093
Data of heating passing U(k) (w/m k)5. 595. 575